Review – The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next DoorThe Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Published August 23, 2016

Penguin Audio


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I still haven’t listened to very many audiobooks. While I prefer to read on my e-reader or read a book, I really do like having the option to listen to an audiobook now and then. It’s a nice change and I can close my eyes (as long as I’m not driving). But I don’t close my eyes often as usually it doesn’t matter how exciting the audiobook is, I could very well fall asleep.

However, I didn’t have that problem with this one. I was pretty into it and it was very unlikely that I was going to fall asleep.

Anne and Marco Conti are new parents to a six-month-old baby girl named Cora. It seems they have it all. The are financially comfortable, they have a great marriage and now they have a beautiful baby.

Everything is perfect.

Since having Cora, the couple don’t go out very often. So when their friends/neighbors invite them over for a dinner party they are excited to go, well Marco is. Anne Conti would prefer not to go, especially since the neighbors, Cynthia and Graham Stillwell don’t want children at the party. Anne agrees to go and they schedule a babysitter. But the night of the party the sitter cancels leaving them with no one to watch Cora. Anne tells her husband she’s fine staying home with the baby. Marco really wants her to come, he thinks it would be good for her to go.

“It will be good for you to get out, you know what the doctor said”

Eventually Anne agrees to go, but only if they take the baby monitor and check on Cora every half hour. They arrive at the party but Anne just can’t seem to enjoy herself. She has some wine but even that doesn’t help. She’s miserable…especially as she watches her “friend” flirt with Marco. Cynthia is gorgeous and beside her Anne feels horrible about herself, she’s very insecure about the baby weight she is still carrying.

On top of that, lately it seems that something has been off with her husband. She’s not sure if it’s her imagination or something else. Is he keeping something from her?

By one in the morning, Anne has had enough and wants to go home. Marco wants to stay for another drink. Quickly she becomes tired of waiting and tells him she’s leaving with or without him. Marco decides to go home with Anne.

As they walk up to their from door, they notice that it’s open. Anne is positive she shut the door when she was last there to check on Cora.

They both immediately run up the stairs and into the baby room. They look into the crib and Anne screams…..

I will leave it at that as I really don’t want to spoil anything.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. A great domestic suspense that honestly pulled me in right from the start. The plot was great and I thought the story flowed well. I didn’t have any trouble keeping up or keeping track of who was who like I sometimes do with audiobooks.

I’m finding that the right narrator can make all the difference when it comes to listening to any audiobook and I think the narrator for “The Couple Next Door” was great.

I look forward to more from Shari Lapena!

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5 thoughts on “Review – The Couple Next Door

  1. Ha! Yes, I have the falling asleep issue with audiobooks too! It must go back to being read to sleep as children. πŸ˜‰ But I agree, the narrator makes all the difference and can even add something to the paper book sometimes. This one sounds nicely scary…


  2. Glad you enjoyed this. It’s one of my TBR’s. I’ve seen mixed reviews on Goodreads, but you’re the 3rd person/blogger that has liked it! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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