Review – Saving Sophie

Saving SophieSaving Sophie by Sam Carrington


December 15, 2016

HarperCollins, Maze



My rating: 2.5 stars

When I read the book blurb for this book I thought it sounded pretty good. I was really looking forward to reading it. It already has quite a few high ratings as well.

But honestly I had a tough time with this one. I found myself aggravated quite often and wanted to quit reading a few times. However, I became obsessed with finishing it because I had to know what happened, so that counts for something.

Karen is in shock when her seventeen-year-old daughter, Sophie is brought home by police after a night out with friends. Sophie’s practically incoherent muttering very odd things about her friend Amy. Sophie’s mother and father are livid but Sophie is no help to anyone in the condition she’s in and they will have to wait until morning to question her more.

Karen is angry as she thinks that Sophie’s friends just abandoned her as that had happened before. She’s also very worried because Sophie can’t remember anything. She was brought home quite early in the evening and she was completely out of it, almost like she’d been drugged.

The next morning Sophie has no memory of what happened the night before. She can’t remember anything at all. Her parents, especially her mother are upset as they don’t understand why Sophie has NO memory of the night before. On top of this they find out that Sophie’s friend Amy hasn’t gone home yet. Twelve hours later, Amy has still not returned home.

***Possibly some very minor spoilers ****

The beginning of the book was really good but after a while I started having a hard time with it. I found it difficult to warm up to Karen and Sophie, and I really took a dislike to Karen’s husband Mike. He was sarcastic and really mean one moment, then overly loving and understanding the next. I know that people can have mood swings but his were off the charts at times.

The way Sophie spoke to her mother was appalling. I know sometimes teenagers talk this way but her best friend is missing, horrible things are happening and half the time she’s making flippant remarks and not wanting to help figure out what happened to her. I wanted to grab her cell phone right out of her hand.

Karen: I find it very odd that they said they put you in a taxi but it never brought you home. Either they are lying or something happened in the taxi. I want to know which it is.

Sophie: Why would they lie? Honestly, mum, you’re so annoying!

The story was told from multiple points of view. Mostly Karen and Sophie’s but also the Detective assigned to the case.

We learn early in the book that Karen suffers from agoraphobia, she was attacked two years earlier. She leaves the house only to attend counseling. Her family has become very frustrated with her and there were a few times that they would often out right mock her even when she was in the middle of a panic attack. Even worse her husband and daughter are arguing as Karen is having problems breathing and needs her bag.

Karen: I…need, (shallow breaths)…my bag

Mike: Right, of course you do. Get her stupid bag, Sophie.

Sophie: You get it!

Mike: I asked you to get it

Finally, Mike stomps off after more arguing, takes his time returning with the bag and gives it to Karen. Telling Sophie to Grow up.

I had highlighted this conversation on my Kindle and went to type in my notes and all I could come up with was WHAT?

There were some really interesting parts to this book. However, I just had trouble following what was happening and some of the parts were a bit too unbelievable. No one wanting to call the police, instead trying to figure out everything using Facebook? The police sort of running in circles a little bit. It just didn’t all come together for me.

Considering that Karen suffered from agoraphobia I found it odd that she wasn’t more concerned about getting her daughter back into the “safe zone”. Especially since there was a killer out there!

So in the end while I enjoyed parts of the book, I just had a few too many issues with it. But don’t take my word for it. There are quite a few positive reviews and so you never know. I’ve recently LOVED some books that others have really disliked. So who knows? As we always say we can’t all love the same books

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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