Review : Only Ever You

Only Ever YouOnly Ever You by Rebecca Drake

Published March 22, 2016

Thomas Dunne Books



4.5 Stars!

Jill Lassiter is at the park with her three-year-old daughter, Sophia when she sees a frazzled young mother trying to get one of her children into the swing while holding on to her other child. Jill helps her out and when she looks back just a few moments later, Sophia is nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, Sophia is found after 40 terrifying minutes. When Jill checks her over she finds what looks to her like a puncture wound on Sophia’s arm. However, no one else seems concerned and the doctors find nothing to indicate that she was drugged or harmed in any way. Everyone else is positive that Sophia just wandered off as she tends to do sometimes and that the mark is just a bug bite. Jill is positive something isn’t right but is thankful Sophia is safe.

But is Sophia really safe? Odd things start happening around the Lassister home. For example, a window is open when Jill is positive she closed it. But as they are both busy with work they don’t notice when even stranger things start happening.

Someone has taken a very big interest in the Lassiter family and is watching everything they do.

That someone is waiting for just the right moment to execute their plan….

Three months after Sophia’s first disappearance she disappears again. At first Jill is positive her rambunctious daughter has just wandered off again.

But this time the nightmare isn’t over in 40 minutes….

As well as fighting to find their daughter, Jill and David are fighting to prove they have not harmed their daughter and have nothing to do with her disappearance. Every move they make is closely watched by the media, public and the police. When Jill doesn’t cry during a press conference the media and public is all over her.

“Her mother is a cold woman-you can tell on the TV, the camera doesn’t lie.”

I think I’ve mentioned it before that it makes me question how quick to judgement we can be. I’m guilty of it myself. Although lately I’m trying not to be so quick to judge. It’s sad to think that someone is going through something so horrible and on top of that they are attacked in the media and by the public. Of course in some cases it’s warranted but until we know the entire story, judging someone on whether they cry or don’t cry is of little help.

Jill is convinced her daughter is alive and is desperate to bring her home. However, as more and more people focus on her and David, she worries no one is looking hard enough to find her daughter.

“Did you kill your daughter?”

This book was pretty intense and held my interest from the beginning. The story is told from three points of view. Sophia’s mother Jill, a woman named Bea, as well as an anonymous young woman’s journal. The book flowed well. Quite a lot of information was given out early in the book and so it made it a bit easier to guess what might have happened. But there were still some great twists and turns and I was really anxious to see what would happen next.

“Parenting was more stressful than the rest of life, much more stressful”.

I really liked the way the author portrayed the characters and their emotions. It felt quite realistic, the actions very genuine. For example the reactions of a mother with a child whose a bit of a handful. How sometimes a parent just wants a little bit more sleep or feel like they are at their wit’s end with a stubborn child. Honest feelings about parenting, marriage and the heartbreaking pain of loss and betrayal etc. Of course this a psychological thriller – a work of fiction, so not everything is supposed to be true to real life ….what fun would that be?

“It was strange how intense emotional pain could become physical”.

I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be looking for more from Rebecca Drake.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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