Review – I Love You With All My Butt

I Love You with All My Butt!: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts from Little KidsI Love You with All My Butt!: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts from Little Kids by Martin Bruckner

To be published: April 4th 2017

Workman Publishing Company

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my…

With a title like that how could I resist?

Kids really do say the darndest things don’t they? Children are so honest and unfiltered and we often hear the funniest things come out of their mouth. “I Love You With All My Butt” is a collection of sayings from the daughter of artist and father, Martin Bruckner. He wisely kept track of the funny and off the wall things she said. He then made illustrations to go with the comments. At first this was to be done as a Mother’s Day gift for his wife. But some of them ended up on social media and were a hit!!!

In the book we have 100 illustrations or “mini posters” with the funny comments (some from his daughter and others collected from other families), along with some of the backstories behind the comments.

I read the electronic version on my iPad and it was very entertaining. I can only imagine how much more impressive it would be in book form. I often find these books to be fairly short. However, “I Love You With All My Butt” has 224 pages which I think is the perfect amount.

This is definitely not your children’s bedtime storybook. But it’s a very colorful and fun way of looking at the very silly, innocent, sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy and definitely unfiltered things that come out of the mouths of children…often when you least expect it. I may not have found every single one of them hilarious but I enjoyed the majority of them. I think this book would make a wonderful gift.

A few of my favorites:

“Mommy I don’t need your mouth to talk to me right now”

“Don’t worry about your coffee, worry about your children”

“Mommy are you still wearing your angry eyebrows?”

“Daddy please wipe the bum of this beautiful princess”

And many more!!

Thank you NetGalley, Workman Publishing Company, and Martin Bruckner for providing an advanced electronic readers copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review.

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4 thoughts on “Review – I Love You With All My Butt

  1. Ive got to get that book. We just read “mama, I can’t sleep” by Brigitte Raab and I loved it as much as my kiddos did. I just got Phoebe sounds it out from Netgalley so we will try that one this weekend.
    Thanks for the review


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