Review: A Perfect Murder and Other Stories

A Perfect Murder and Other StoriesA Perfect Murder and Other Stories

by S.R. Nair

Published August 17,  2016




My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Perfect Murder and Other Stories is a collection of fourteen short stories. The stories have different themes but most take place in the US and India. A Perfect Murder and Salma’s Fate are the two longest stories at approximately 25 pages each. The other twelve stories range from three to twenty pages.

I don’t often read short stories. However, when the author contacted me and asked if I would read this collection of stories I was intrigued.

Stories about murder, family honor, arranged marriages, betrayal, revenge, sexual assault, greed, internet dating, social media, citizenship, and more.

It didn’t take me long to read this collection. If real life hadn’t gotten in the way I could easily have read these stories in one or two sittings. Each story drew different emotions from me. Some I enjoyed more than others but overall I thought they were believable and interesting reads.

A few stories really stood out…

Salma’s Fate: Salma is married to a kind man. However, when her father-in-law is around her husband doesn’t treat her with the same respect and will often kowtow to his father’s demands. When her husband has to go away for work, her father-in-law proves how horrible he really is with a horrific act.

iPad: This was my favorite story. A very emotional and touching read.

“Nowadays phone connections are available everywhere”

Koya’s Story: Heartbreaking. Koya is a good man. He is an extremely hard worker, saving for the future. Unfortunately this means many long absences from his family.
Working and saving your whole life for the future…But is that future promised?

Seema: Facebook in India has over 125 million users. Just as anywhere else in the world social media can be used for fun but also to cause trouble. Some pictures that go viral, cause lots of trouble in this story. I loved the ending.

“This Facebook was something else.”

The Grandson: The horrible pressure put on a mother to bear a son for her husband.

The Missing Wife: A man with is accused of the crime of dowry harassment.

“The Dowry system and the demand for dowry often descended into mental and physical torture of the wife.”

The dreaded section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. Which was created with noble intentions to prevent this type of harassment.

“But, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

I found this story extremely interesting, another favorite.

Total Eclipse: a man seemingly devoted to his wife as well as his dog.
This story confused and upset me quite a bit. Left with many unanswered questions and an ending bizarre, brutal and in my opinion, unnecessary.

Visa For America: A man falls in love with a woman he meets on an Indian matrimonial network – website. Is it true love or love you until I gain my green card?

Another interesting story about love, marriage, US Citizenship, Immigration and K1 fiancée visas.

Zubair: Zubair had no inclination to move to the US. He was quite happy with his life in India. His wife is very traditional and obedient. Zubair feels he’s a progressive man since he allows his wife to continue her education. Eventually family pressure leads them to move to the US. Zubair’s wife does not want to go but keeps her reservations to herself and remains the ever obedient wife.

However, things change when they settle in to their new lives in the U.S. The biggest change? Zubair’s wife. To put it mildly….Zubair is not happy with this change.

This was the last story and I loved the ending….especially the very last sentence.

This was a very good collection of authentic, compelling, and thought-provoking stories. Many with shocking endings that took me by surprise.

Thank you, S.R Nair for providing a copy of your book for me to read in exchange for my honest review.

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