Review – The Twilight Wife

The Twilight WifeThe Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner

Published December 27, 2016




My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was excited when I won this book through a Goodreads give-away. A.J. Banner is a new author to me and I thought this sounded like an interesting read.

Kyra Winthrop is a 34-year-old Marine biologist who has lost her memory after suffering from a head injury she received in a diving accident. She hit her head on a rock and spent a week in intensive care, then over two months in rehab. Physically she’s almost completely better but her memory is another story.

Just how much can we trust the people around us? Right now Kyra is having to trust people without remembering who they are….most importantly her husband, Jacob.

How can you not remember the husband you have been married to for three years? It sounds unbelievable but Kyra really doesn’t know her husband. She is suffering from a complex form of amnesia and doesn’t remember anything from the last four years.

Jacob says they have a wonderful and happy marriage. He’s been patient as Kyra essentially gets to know him all over again. She sees all of the pictures from their life, including her wedding pictures. However, Jacob does seem to get annoyed when certain questions are asked.

Could Jacob be keeping something from her?

They are living off the grid on the island. Jacob figures it’s the best place to help Kyra to regain her memories. They don’t have a landline and the internet is spotty. It can feel very isolating .

Kyra longs to reclaim the four years she’s lost. Her inability to concentrate and remember frustrates her.

“Why can’t I remember four years of my life? Why only four years? Why not everything? Why not just the accident? Why do I keep forgetting conversations? Pieces of time? The doctors called me an anomaly, an outlier on the spectrum of memory disorders.”

She wonders about the moments she’s lost and the people she’s loved. She’s thankful for the husband who stays by her side, but she misses other people. People like her best friend, Linny Strabeck. She hasn’t seen her in what feels like forever. She misses her and needs her support (and her memories). But lately their emails have been infrequent and very short. Linny is in Russia. Apparently, Linny spent a week with Kyra while she was in the hospital but then had to return to work. Kyra barely remembers her being there.

Kyra starts to remember some things from before the accident and is also starting to hold on to new memories. But she is frustrated that she can’t remember what actually happened the day of the accident. It was apparently just her and Jake on the dive that day. However, she has one recurring dream where she senses someone else with them on their dive….in the shadows. She wakes up before she can figure out who the person in the shadows is.

As more and more things start to come back to Kyra, weird things start happening. She has strange conversations with people in town who remember her, but make comments that seem odd to Kyra.

Do they know something about her marriage that she doesn’t? Kyra starts to wonder just how much she knows about her husband…..or herself.

This was an interesting and quick read that flowed well. While I was satisfied with how things wrapped up, I did feel things were a bit rushed with some things left unexplained. There were a few people I would have liked to have learned more about. Maybe a few more pages would have helped to clear some things up? However, maybe it’s okay to not know everything.

All in all, this was definitely a good psychological suspense with a well thought out and unique plot. I recommend this book and I look forward to more from A.J Banner.

I would like to thank Touchstone, A.J Banner, and Goodreads Giveaways for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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