Review – The Breakdown

The BreakdownThe Breakdown by B.A. Paris

Expected publication July 18th 2017 by St. Martin’s Press

Published January 23rd 2017 (UK)


5 Stars !!!!

To say I was excited for this novel is an understatement. I loved Behind Closed Doors so I couldn’t wait to see what B.A Paris had in store for me this time.

“If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”

The beginning of The Breakdown is like a scene out of a horror movie. I could picture it. Cass Anderson is in a rush to get home….it’s raining and the weather is only getting worse. She speaks with her husband, Matthew and he cautions her to drive carefully and makes her promise not to take the shortcut through the woods. It’s not safe at night. However, at the last second Cass veers off the main road to the shortcut she just promised she wouldn’t take. She decides what Matthew doesn’t know won’t hurt him. She just wants to get home as fast as possible.

As she nears her house she swerves to avoid hitting a car parked at the side of the road. There’s a woman inside. Cass stops in front of the car to see if the woman indicates that she needs help. The woman doesn’t do anything. All the stories Cass has heard about people tricked into stopping to help someone go through her head. Someone stops thinking they are being a good Samaritan only to end up getting car-jacked……or worse. Eventually Cass decides the woman must have already called for help, so she continues on her way home.

The next day, Cass is horrified to learn that a woman, Jane Walters was killed in the woods. It was the woman whose car was stopped on the side of the road. What’s worse is Cass realizes she knows this woman. She actually had lunch with her the week before. Cass is overcome with guilt over Jane’s murder. If she had only got out of the car to check on Jane. Would she still be alive? or would Cass have been killed too?

Cass has been having trouble with her memory and it’s gotten worse since the murder. At first it was just little things. She would misplace something or forget she made plans with friends. But forgetting that she agreed to have an alarm installed? How could that be? But she sees the job order is written in her handwriting so she must have agreed to the installation.

Is she going to suffer the same fate as her mother?

Then come the phone calls. Someone is calling every day….over and over. But they NEVER say a word. Everyone tells her it’s just a call center making cold calls. But Cass worries that it’s something or someone much worse. When I read about the constant calls a part of me thought, oh come on! Unplug the phone, change your number, OR buy a whistle and blow that suckers ear off!!! But fear can leave you frozen, unable to think straight.

Cass starts to think someone is watching the house, that someone has been in the house. When she goes shopping and is leaving for home she can’t find her car. She KNOWS where she parked, so it must have been stolen. Cass and the parking attendant look everywhere, on all the different floors only to eventually find her car…..

Right where she left it.

Her mind feels like it’s going to break….everything is spiraling out of control. She’s in a constant state of anxiety. The phone calls are amplifying all of her fears. Plus all of the things she’s forgetting makes things worse. With everything going on Cass is desperate to know….


But then something happens. Cass gets advice and information from very surprising sources. Things start to click into place…..things that she NEVER would have expected. She tells herself she’s lost enough time and she’s determined that she’s going to figure it all out. She wants to know who is behind the constant phone calls and if it’s connected to what happened to Jane. Cass wants answers and now no one is going to stop her. As Cass gets stronger and searches for answers you can’t help but cheer for her. The web of lies that she starts to unravel.

Well Ms. Paris….you didn’t let me down. I loved this one too.

I know that everyone is different and not everyone will love the same books and that’s completely understandable. There were times that I started getting annoyed with Cass, but when I imagined something like this happening to me? I can’t imagine how alone and helpless I would feel.

Occasionally I find it really hard to get into a book that requires me to suspend disbelief, but I found with “Behind Closed Doors” and this book that I was able to do that easily. The authors writing style and the suspenseful plot allowed me to let go of reality and really enjoy what I was reading.

“The Breakdown” was intense and gripping, especially the second half. I was shocked. I may have been right about a thing or two but it didn’t matter as how everything played out was fantastic to read. This author knows how to pull her readers into her story, not letting go until the final word on the last page is read.

I can’t wait for more from this author!

Thank you to Jessica at St. Martin’s Press and B.A Paris for providing me with an advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest review.

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26 thoughts on “Review – The Breakdown

  1. So as usual, Dee your excellent review has me researching and the kindle edition is Β£1.99. ‘Customers who bought it’ also bought my current bedtime reading which moves rapidly towards it’s exciting conclusion. I guess I have my next read πŸ™‚

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