Review – Almost Interesting

Almost InterestingAlmost Interesting by David Spade

Published October 27, 2015

Dey Street Books


4 stars!!!

I didn’t know that David Spade had written a book until I came across a friend’s review. She read the book and her review convinced me I needed to read it as well.

I thought I would try the audio since I really do love his voice. This is my fourth or fifth audio book now. I still love to read my books but I’m finding it handy to have a few of these on hand for when I can’t sleep (and don’t want to read in the dark), to listen to while housecleaning, or for in the car.

However, listening to David Spade did not help with the not sleeping. But it DID distract me from caring about the fact that I wasn’t able to sleep. I really enjoyed this audio-book. I would probably have enjoyed it just as much if I’d read the book too.

David Spade is one funny guy. Yep he swears a blue streak and tells a whole lot of dirty stories but I loved learning about his early years and his days on SNL with Chris Farley and the rest of the comedians I love so much.

Some things I learned about David that I wouldn’t have guessed:


He’s into coins collecting, chess and guns (courtesy of his step-father)

He can speak German (he took it in High School step-father convinced him)

He even made it to state finals playing chess but unfortunately got German measles (which he says almost killed him).

Read 47 books in one year (most in his class).

He was a Spelling bee champ – winning word was Apparatus (Should I be embarrassed to say that I had to double-check the spelling on that word?)

He was almost cast as Uncle Joey on Full House. I think I would have LOVED that. When I first heard him say it though I thought he said Uncle Jesse, and I’m not sure how I would have felt about that.

His older brother Brian had a whole lot of reptiles. Seriously 5 rattle snakes, a boa constrictor and a python!!! (I give so much credit to mothers of boys).

There were so many times while listening that I was laughing out loud for real.

There is a chapter where he gives dating advice. He REALLY advises against tickling a girl if she has diarrhea (I’m sorry but potty humor gets me almost every time).

His description of the fancy crayola crayon box, that one of the “rich” kids had:

“It had a balcony, clear color (like coloring with a booger he says) AND a sharpener in the back”

Oh and there’s a whole lot more!

In my opinion “Almost Interesting” is in fact pretty darn interesting 😉

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