The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

The Weight of LiesThe Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

Published June 6, 2017

Lake Union Publishing




3.5 stars

The description of this book had me wanting to read it right away. There are also many positive reviews for this book right now. I wondered if I would love it as much as everyone else.

Megan (Meg) is partying with friends in Las Vegas. Celebrating a friends recent divorce. Sitting around the pool relaxing when someone brings her an envelope. Right away she knows what the elegant envelope is.

“A bomb. The kind that explodes without making a sound. The kind that destroys”.

As soon as she sees it she starts feeling the needles and pinpricks, what feels like stinging wasps on her fingers and toes, aching, eventually most of her extremities would go numb. She’s done some online searches about this neuropathy but hasn’t yet sought out medical attention. Her mother favored doctors but she doesn’t. Meg says she’s an otherwise perfectly healthy twenty-four year old. Usually it only happens when she’s stressed.

The envelope = stress

It’s on her mother’s favorite stationary. To say her relationship with her mother, Frances is strained is putting it mildly. They clash, always have. After a particularly brutal verbal altercation, they haven’t spoken in three years.

So she’s more than surprised to open the envelope and find an invitation to her mother’s birthday. It’s for the next day.

“Darling I miss you and love you. Please do come. Edgar isn’t well”.

Those words set Meg into motion.


She’s also been waiting to find out if she’s been hired by a company she has been volunteering with. She really wants the position she applied for. It’s the most fulfilling work she’s ever done. But mainly it offers INDEPENDENCE…something she’s never experienced.

A story within a story…a book within a book – which may or may not be based on real events.

Before each chapter is an excerpt from the book “Kitten”.

Kitten was an odd child.

“The child had some oddities – a few secretive tendencies and strange habits”

KITTEN is the book that haunted Meg’s childhood. When she’s given the option to challenge her mother AND the book….will she take it? Will she write the tell-all exposing her mother, her childhood, and only god knows what else?

I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about this book. I was definitely gripped by the story and quite often didn’t want to put the book down. But I also found myself getting distracted with so much going on at once and I wasn’t always sure if something was happening in the present or the past.

Overall, I did think this was an entertaining and unique story and I look forward to reading more from Emily Carpenter.

Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for providing an advanced copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review.

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5 thoughts on “The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

  1. Great review! I just finished this one and loved it! I do agree there was a lot going on. I loved the book within a book premise, and I think that’s what really made this book so good for me! It was so unlike anything I’d written before. Carpenter has some writing chops and I’m also looking forward to reading more from her.

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