Throwback Thursday – The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley


Throwback Thursday is a meme created by Renee at It’s Book Talk to share old favorite books rather than just the new shiny ones. This is a great idea to bring back to life some much-loved books. Please feel free to join in.

My choice for this week is:  The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley



Goodreads Description

Everything seems quiet on Ann Brooks’s suburban cul-de-sac. Despite her impending divorce, she’s created a happy home and her daughters are adjusting to the change. She feels lucky to be in a supportive community and confident that she can handle any other hardship that life may throw her way. But then, right before Thanksgiving, a crisis strikes that turns everybody’s world upside down. Suddenly her estranged husband is forced back onto her doorstep, bringing with him his beautiful graduate assistant. Trapped inside the house she once called home, confronted by challenges she never could have imagined, Ann must make life-or-death decisions in an environment where the simple act of opening a door to a neighbor could jeopardize all she holds dear.

The choices she makes will impact the lives of those around her irrevocably and linger in the reader’s memory in this marvelous first novel, written with authority, grace, and wisdom.


I read THE THINGS THAT KEEP US HERE about four years ago and it’s another one of those books that has stuck with me. It was very different from books I’d previously read. Up until then I hadn’t read any books that dealt with pandemics. Of course this book is about a lot more than that, and I thought it was an excellent read.

A book that really makes you think. Some of the choices that the characters had to make were heartbreaking . Though highly entertaining, it also had me asking myself some very hard questions about what I would do in the face of some of the situations that came up in the story. Really had me wondering “what if?”

An awesome plot with well-written and believable characters. Some you will love and some you will love to hate. The picture of mankind in midst of devastation. There will definitely be some ugliness. The things we take for granted like water and power plus a million other things become so precious that people will fight..even kill for it. People who were once your neighbors and friends are now your enemies who may want to steal from you or worse. People who may also make you sick. I was honestly biting my nails (I know…nasty habit), wondering what was going to happen next to this family. 

Carla Buckley has written a fantastic novel. One that is entertaining but also makes you think about what’s important in life.  This was an emotional read that I powered through in one day. I couldn’t put it down.

THE THINGS THAT KEEP US HERE is another book I would read again in a heartbeat.

Highly recommended!

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