Review – Risk by Fleur Ferris

RISK by Fleur Ferris

July 1, 2015 by Random House Australia


4.5 stars

When I first saw a friend’s review of  RISK, I knew it was something I really wanted to read. I’m very interested in social media and the influence it has on society, especially the younger generation.  Unfortunately, the only format available to me in Canada was audio. It wasn’t looking like it was going to be released in Canada anytime soon, so I went for it and purchased the audio-book and I’m glad I did.

Taylor and Sierra have been best friends for years. However, Taylor is often frustrated as it seems like Sierra gets almost everything she wants.

Sierra and Taylor have been spending time in chat rooms lately. One day they start chatting with a new guy they meet online. His name is Jacob Jones. Sierra decides that she wants to meet Jacob irl (in real life) and begs Taylor to cover for her and to say she’s with her. Taylor grudgingly agrees and the date is set. As the day gets closer, Sierra’s excitement builds while Taylor starts to feel more and more annoyed. However, she still agrees to cover for Sierra.

When Taylor first hears from Sierra on Friday evening, Sierra tells her everything is going great and she will contact her again later.

But she doesn’t call Taylor later. She doesn’t come back the next day either. Soon Taylor is terrified that something horrible has happened and decides to tell her mother.

Soon Sierra’s parents are involved and so are the police….

Where is Sierra?

It’s scary because these situations really happen. I remember being a teen, I felt invincible. Teenagers are extremely impulsive and that’s just part of their nature. So we have our impulsive teenagers and social media where they can potentially make a split second decision to do something that can change their lives. My daughter seems to handle social media fairly well but she’s not perfect. There has been times where she’s come to me and said “I’m so embarrassed that I posted this!” Usually it’s something she’s said and wished she hadn’t . Luckily nothing scary but still, I can see the how quick they are to make decisions both good and not so good.

I’ve seen girls that post their cell numbers frequently on these public sites and it’s terrifying because there are many online predators out there. I know we can’t live in a bubble or be scared all the time but we do have to be much more cautious about the information we are giving out online.

There are so many apps and chat things that makes it hard to keep up, but we can learn. We may say no Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram but there are probably fifteen other ways that our children can talk to someone if they really want to. Social media is here to stay but we need to educate not just our children but ourselves as well. I would love to have read a physical copy of this novel but the audio-book was very good. The narrator was excellent and I had no problems keeping up.

I thought this novel was very well written. Although it is a Young Adult novel, I still found it very interesting and informative.  The plot was good, and it had some very important messages. I highly recommend this book, especially to those with children that use Social Media.



4 thoughts on “Review – Risk by Fleur Ferris

  1. I reviewed Risk on Goodreads & like you, I thought it superb & I cannot understand its not being out in print form in North America. Not only is it a good cautionary tale, but a wonderful picture of moral responsibility & the demands of friendship.

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  2. My goodness, this sounds so scary because it’s so plausible. I too have a daughter, nearly 13, on social media because you can’t forbid it, kids do it anyway, all you can do is caution them. She is aware of not posting any private information about herself, she is actually very sensible so far, but at some point all kids want to rebel and who knows what she will do? It’s terrifying. This book sounds a great cautionary tale, but I don’t think kids would relate to it as much as parents, they would say that won’t happen to me!

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    • Kids do you often say and feel like it won’t happen to them. That feeling of invincibility. It’s so scary having children in this day and age with all the technology. I think we just do our best to educate ourselves and them. They are doing more in school now which is good. I definitely think some kids would relate to the book but there will always be some that think it won’t happen to them.
      Thanks for commenting 🌸

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