Review – Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica


Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

June 27,  2017 by Park Row Books


Having really enjoyed Mary Kubica’s THE GOOD GIRL I was really looking forward to reading EVERY LAST LIE.

“They say that death comes in threes”

-a man who lived across the street (cancer)

-former classmate (pulmonary embolism)

and then….Nick”

Baby Felix is four days old when Clara Solberg talks to her husband Nick for the last time. He phones her as he’s on his way home with their four-year-old daughter, Maisie.

“Chinese or Mexican? he asks, and I say Chinese”.

Those are the last words exchanged between the husband and wife.

When Clara hears a car coming down the road a short while later, she waits for the sound of the garage door opening. Instead she hears a knock on the door. She opens the door to see a strange man on her doorstep. He’s there to say the words no one ever wants to hear.

“There’s been an accident”

Her husband is dead but their daughter, Maisie is physically fine. Apparently there were three reasons for the accident. The sun, the sharp turn, and Nick’s rapid speed.
Clara wonders if Nick would still be alive if she had asked for Mexican instead of Chinese. She is devastated, but also angry. How could Nick have done this to them? Driving so fast down a turn he knew was sharp….with his daughter in the car? His recklessness has left her widowed with two small children to care for.

“The bad man is after us. He’s going to get us”

When her daughter starts having nightmares about a “bad man”, Clara is sure that she knows something about the accident. But Maise won’t say anything else. After Maise has a breakdown in a parking lot after seeing a a black car, Clara decides she has to go back and talk to the police.

The police aren’t receptive and tell Clara they’ve already investigated and confirmed that it was an accident. But Clara feels there’s more to it and starts to do some of her own digging and investigating.

Will Clara find what she’s looking for? Or is she putting herself in danger?

The story is told from Clara’s point of view after the accident and Nick’s point of view in the months leading up to the accident. I liked hearing both points of view. There was a bit of overlap but not a lot. It gave insight into what was happening with Nick.

When Clara learns that her husband had been keeping secrets from her, she starts to doubt everything about her marriage. What else doesn’t she know? Is it possible Clara never knew her husband at all?

I have to say that Mary Kubica sure knows how to set a scene. She’s good at showing what grief, stress, and exhaustion etc. can do to a person. I could almost feel the anxiety and stress Clara was experiencing. When she described how hot it was, I felt like I was starting to sweat and actually turned up my a/c.

At the same time, there were a few things that bothered me. I don’t want to get into spoiler territory but some of the decisions Clara made as a mother had me baffled. There were contradictions and some of her actions distracted me from the story. I was slightly let down by the ending and felt like a few things were unresolved.

However, there are many different opinions about this book, and some of the things that irked me may not bother other readers. Although I was hoping for more, EVERY LAST LIE was still an enjoyable read and I look forward to more from Mary Kubica.

Thank you, Netgalley and Harlequin for an advanced readers copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review.


4 thoughts on “Review – Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

  1. I can understand why those points bothered you Deanna. I’ve seen many reviews of this one saying similar things…although I read and for the most part liked The Good Girl I haven’t been interested in her other books. Great review!!

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