REVIEW: The Perfect Mother by Nina Darnton


Published November 25,  2014 by Plume

This book first caught my attention as it’s description seemed to have many similarities to the Amanda Knox case. I’ve been interested in the Amanda Knox case since the very beginning, and when I see a book that’s similar to the case, I am quick to pick it up.

Jennifer Lewis is shocked when she is awakened in the night by a phone call from her terrified daughter, Emma. Calling from Spain, Emma begs her mother to come quickly as there has been a murder and she is in jail. Jennifer quickly makes arrangements for the care of her other children and rushes to be with her daughter. She hopes she can help straighten out what must be a huge mistake. But as Jennifer fights for her daughter and helps investigate, she starts to wonder how well she knows her daughter.

The book held my interest well as I desperately wanted to know what happened the night of the murder. As I am now a mother to a teenage girl this book brings up the question….

How far would I go to save my daughter?

As mothers of course we want to fix everything for our children. However, are there times that we are doing more harm than good when we intervene in certain situations?

“The Perfect Mother”  was a thought-provoking and well written novel that I highly recommend.

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