REVIEW: The Night Child by Anna Quinn


Expected publication: January 30, 2018

Blackstone Publishing


Right off I knew this was going to be an emotional read. We are told in the description that “ a terrible secret is discovered — a secret that pushes Nora toward an even deeper psychological breakdown .”

Nora has noticed that she’s not as happy with teaching as she used to be. It used to energize her and she felt lucky to be able to do what she did. However, now the large class sizes and government requirements have left her feeling worn-out. After class one day she suddenly feels a headache coming on but then feels like someone is whispering or breathing near her and suddenly….

“In front of her, a girl’s face, a wild numinous face with startling blue eyes, a face floating on top of shapeless drapes of purples and blues where arms and legs should have been”

When Nora locks eyes with the girl she feels a terror rush through her like she’s never felt before. But as quick as the face appeared it disappears. She tells herself she’s just tired, that it must be her imagination, that it must have been a hallucination. The next day she goes on vacation with her husband and six-year-old daughter, Fiona. She’s convinced herself that what happened was brought on by exhaustion. But then it happens again, and this time she doesn’t just see the girl’s face…she hears her voice.

“Remember the Valentine’s dress”

She feels like she’s going crazy….

Sometimes memories start to resurface when we least expect it and in ways we never would have anticipated.

“It’s the secrets that make us sick; it’s the telling that heals”

I was pulled in to the story, invested in the characters and anxious to know how things would turn out. However, this book was even more emotional than I expected. It deals with many very important issues but readers should be aware that the subject matter may be triggering for some. It’s quite descriptive and I did find some parts very difficult to read.

Although I wouldn’t classify this as a suspense novel, it’s definitely an interesting psychological read about the strength and resilience of the human mind.

Thank you to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.


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