REVIEW: Strangers by Ursula Archer and Arno Strobel


Published January 9th 2018 by Minotaur Books


Joanna Berrigan is blow drying her hair when she notices that the outside motion sensor

light has been activated. She hopes it’s not her friend stopping by as she’s not in the mood for company. She just wants to relax with a hot cup of tea and a good book. She relaxes when the outside light goes off again. As she makes her way downstairs however, she hears noises …coming from inside the house.

Just then a figure stops out of the darkness…

Erik Thieben arrives home after a rough day at work. However, he has no idea his bad day is about to get much worse. He enters his home and hears Joanna blow drying her hair. He’s happy he’s home. Erik looks forward to snuggling up on the couch with her. Joanna comes downstairs and he sees her before she sees him. She looks at him strangely….then she screams.

He asks what’s wrong but she keeps screaming, yelling at him to get out, begging him not to hurt her.

“Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?”

Erik doesn’t understand why his fiancé is talking to him this way. Everything was fine when he left for work that morning. But now, she looks like she’s terrified of him, like she doesn’t know who he is…

He’s right. She has no idea who he is. To Joanna, he’s a stranger.

“We’re engaged, Jo. We live together.”

He realizes she really doesn’t recognize him.

Joanna has no idea why this man claims to know her. Worse than that is he thinks they are engaged. She thinks he must be a con artist or a stalker maybe? But she knows one thing…

She’s never seen him before in her life.

Erik continues to try to reason with her, to convince her. But all of a sudden he realizes something is missing. Actually everything is missing…well everything that belongs to him anyway. Where is his clothing? And everything else he owns? In their bedroom…his blanket, pillow, even his wardrobe is gone.

“And, for the first time, the thought crosses my mind that maybe the person who’s lost their mind isn’t Joanna, but me.”

We slowly learn more about Erik and Joanna. But there are so many questions. Is Joanna having an emotional breakdown of some kind? Is Erik? Why is Joanna suddenly having such strange visions….and violent urges?

Joanna and Erik begin to realize they might be in danger and may need to trust each other in order to stay safe. However, that’s easier said than done….

Can they trust each other? SHOULD they trust each other???

“Strangers” started off really strong but then seemed to slow right down. I started to get a little bit antsy and was having a hard time staying connected to the story. However, it wasn’t long before the tension was amped-up and from then on it was almost non-stop action. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Loss of memory isn’t a new plot line, but I found this part of the story to be quite unique.

The story alternates between Joanna and Erik’s perspective, which I really enjoyed, even if a few of their decisions made me cringe and at times things seemed a bit over the top. But I was pulled along by the story anxious to find out how things were going to end.

Overall, I thought “Strangers” was an enjoyable and entertaining read and I look forward to seeing what Ursula Archer and Arno Strobel write next.

Thank you to Minotaur Books for providing a copy of this book for me to read in exchange for my honest review.


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