Review: As Sick as Our Secrets by A.B. Whelan


Published February 14th, 2018 by InMotion Capitol


After really enjoying A.B. Whelan’s previous novel “14 Days to Die”, I was excited to have the opportunity to read “As Sick as Our Secrets”.

The book begins with our killer’s point of view twenty-seven years earlier. His girlfriend has hurt his feelings. HE’S the victim here. She is damaged and selfish…and he’s waiting for his apology.

Now – Thirty-six year old, Olivia Campbell has just woken up. She feels strange. She’s exhausted and it almost feels like she’s hung-over even though she hadn’t had anything to drink. Her husband, Richard just tells her she just needs more rest.

Olivia has done things in the past that she’s not proud of. But she figured her life was finally on the right path. Financially, her husband Richard provides her with a comfortable life. But he can be cruel. Olivia gets back at him by playing little tricks. She’ll delete a favorite song from his iPod, spit in his shoe, steal pages from important contracts, etc. He never suspects her “because I’m cunning and stealthy, like a ninja”. It’s while she’s playing one of these tricks that she stumbles across some things that Richard has hidden. At first, she is in shock by what she’s found but also feels guilty for snooping. She’s always had conflicting feelings about her husband.

“Richard is decent. He has a short temper, and something people nowadays may call ‘anger issues’, but he is a decent man. He dedicates his life to saving abused women and children.”

But she wants answers and she knows just how and where she needs to look…

Ashley Benson is a new psychologist, having just received her diploma. So far she has had only one client, Skyler O’Neill. But now Skyler is late for their second appointment, and Ashley’s gut is telling her that something bad has happened to her. Ashley’s friend, Olivia recently rescued her from a compromising position. Now she needs Olivia’s help again. She needs her help to find Skyler. Ashley also enlists the help of their mutual friend, Betty.

Police have been investigating “Fifty Shades Killer”. But now these three women are conducting their own investigation as they try to find Skyler O’Neill. Their search for Skyler uncovers so much more than they were expecting.

The story is told from multiple POV’s. Some suspension of disbelief is necessary and it did take a little time for me to get a handle on whose point of view I was reading. The story is fast-paced as the plot moves from past to present. We find out what turned our killer into a killer, and we also learn more about the pasts and secrets of our crime-fighting team of three. Overall this was an entertaining story about murder, betrayal, secrets, and revenge.

“As Sick As Our Secrets” was a fast-paced psychological thriller that kept me gripped right up until a very satisfying ending.


I would like to thank A.B Whelan for providing me with an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.


4 thoughts on “Review: As Sick as Our Secrets by A.B. Whelan

  1. I think that I would enjoy this one too. It sounds great. I am already curious to find out what it is that Olivia found out about Richard. I also like the idea of secrets and revenge in thrillers. Adding this one to my TBR right away. Great review!


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