Book Tag – Shelfie by Shelfie


Shelfie by Shelfie is a tag that was created by the wonderful Beth from bibliobeth! You should really check out her awesome blog! This is Beth’s most recent Shelfie.

If you want to join in, it’s easy! You share a picture (or “shelfie”) of one of your shelves in whatever way you like to organize them. Then answer ten questions that are based around that particular shelf. You can do one shelf or your entire library! It will be fun to see everyone’s collections.

Now for my first Shelfie. It’s a little bookshelf that my mother made me. Originally it was going to hold my very favorite books but since a lot of those are still in boxes, I’ve been loading it up with ARC’s that I have reviewed over the last year or so. I didn’t have room for all of them as some of the books are taller than the shelf, but I fit what I could.


1.) Is there any reason for this shelf being organized the way it is or is it purely random?

Totally random. It holds the some of my ARC’s from the last year that met the height requirements.

2.) Tell us a story about one of the books on this shelf that is special to you i.e. how you got it/ a memory associated with it etc.

My favorite book on the shelf actually doesn’t have a real cover yet. There’s not even a title on the side. It’s on the bottom right. It’s a white book and it’s actually Diane Chamberlain’s upcoming novel “The Dream Daughter”.  This is the earliest ARC I’ve ever received. Somebody wonderful sent it to me. They knew how much I loved Diane Chamberlain and how excited I was for her upcoming novel and sent out this early copy. It’s very special to me and it was a fantastic read! If you would like to read my review click here!


3.) Which book from this shelf would you ditch if you were forced to and why?

I can’t do it…I just can’t

4.) Which book from this shelf would you save in an emergency and why?

I think I’m going to stick with my copy of “The Dream Daughter”

5.) Which book has been on this shelf for the longest time?

I think it would be Jodi Picoult’s “Small Great Things”

6.) Which book is the newest addition to this shelf?

The Perfect Mother

7.) Which book from this shelf are you most excited to read (or re-read if this is a favorites shelf?)

That would have to be a reread because these are books that I’ve already read.  I would really like to re-read “Small Great Things“ as well as “The Great Alone“ at some point.

8.) If there is an object on this shelf apart from books, tell us the story behind it.

There isn’t any object on this shelf. However, above the shelf is a sign “Dee’s Rad Reads” my mother made the same time she made me the shelf.

9.) What does this shelf tell us about you as a reader?

Hmmm, great question.   I think it says that I’d like to read a lot. Not a very original answer but it’s what came to mind. 🙃

10.) Choose other bloggers to tag or choose a free question you make up yourself.

Anyone who wants to do this, please feel free, but I would love if you would tag me as I would enjoy seeing it. It would be great if you also tagged Beth as I know she would also love to see your shelfie and your answers to the questions

I hope you liked my very first Shelfie!! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s pictures and their responses to the questions!


24 thoughts on “Book Tag – Shelfie by Shelfie

    • Thank you so much! ❤ I've been wanting to join in for awhile and finally did it! I really like your "shelfies" and this was a lot of fun. I love your blog and enjoy all of your reviews and posts!
      It is great that my mom loves to read…and build things!
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Happy Reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know what you mean. But your posts are always great so try not to worry! (though I know sometimes that’s easier said than done). Sometimes I find it hard hitting that post button because I’m unsure of what I’ve written. I look forward to your next “Shelfie” and other posts! <3<3


  1. It was so nice to see your shelfies! Many of these I still want to read 🙂 but it’s always very special if you know that special novel that someone holds at heart. I don’t have one special book that I could choose but I like that some readers really have The One 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like fun, I’m always curious to see what everyone has on their shelves. It’s wonderful that you have a case that your mother made for you, such a great gift.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a lot of fun seeing what other peoples shelves look like. I really do like the little case she made me. Her and my stepdad really make me some nice things. I’m very lucky.
      Thanks for your comments. Happy reading!


  3. I want to hear about the owls. They are a cute addition to the shelfie. I enjoyed reading this post and I like your attachment to Dream Daughter. It must be a special read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I love my owls 🙂 My mom gave me those too. She repainted them. You can’t see very well but at the bottom one has the word “Amazing” and the other says “Thrilling”.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Diana 🙂 My mom will love that you like the owls too ❤


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