REVIEW – Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding

Her Pretty Face

Expected publication: July 10th 2018 by Gallery/Scout Press


Stay at home mother, Frances is attending a costume party… and she’s not happy about it. Unfortunately, it’s a fundraiser for her son, Marcus’s school. She would rather be doing anything else. The fact that it’s a costume party just makes everything worse. She’s dressed as Cyndi Lauper but feels she looks more like “a cross between a deranged clown and a heavyset bag lady”. She’s sweating and feeling anxious. She’s suffered from social anxiety for many years.

“When one’s past was something to be hidden and guarded, mingling and making idle chitchat became daunting.”

Just as Frances thinks she can’t take anymore, she hears a voice that instantly makes her feel better. Her only friend and ally at the school, Kate Randolph. When Marcus was accepted into Forrester Academy, Frances thought she might finally have a bit of free time on her hands. However, right from the start, her son has trouble fitting in…especially after an “episode” with a classmate. Since then everyone has shunned the Metcalfe’s, except Kate Rudolph.  The two women bond over their mutual disdain for the other mothers whose children attend Forrester Academy.

While Frances in insecure, Kate is the exact opposite and she even stands up for Frances. Kate has a son, Charles the same age as Marcus and the two boys hit it off. Kate also has a teenage daughter, Daisy who is fourteen. Frances does notice that Kate doesn’t seem to spend much time with or worrying about, Daisy. Still, Frances is shocked that Kate wants to be her friend.

We hear from Kate’s daughter, Daisy. Daisy is having trouble at school. It’s always hard for her fitting in as her family moves every few years so she’s always the new girl. Now a rumor has gotten out of hand and Daisy is really struggling. She doesn’t feel like her parents care about her so she won’t go to them for advice or support.

We are given little tidbits into Frances childhood and the “heinous” act she committed in her youth.

Kate is confident, wealthy, beautiful, and powerful. In Frances’ eyes, Kate is perfect. But just like Frances, Kate has secrets ……

But one woman’s secrets are a whole lot darker… 

Her Pretty Face” was a very thought-provoking read. Can people really change? Can the past be forgiven…or are some things just too horrific to ever be forgiven?

I thought the multiple story-lines in this novel were interesting and they all came together well. One of the story-lines reminded me of a very famous criminal case in Canada. Overall, I thought this was an intriguing and addictive domestic drama that was hard to put down. I look forward to seeing what Robyn Harding writes next.

I’d like to thank Gallery/Scout Press and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.



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