Looking Ahead – This Month’s TBR List (July 2018)

Looking Ahead is a monthly meme hosted by Tina at Reading Between the Pages.

It’s a great way of sharing what you are planning/hoping to read that month.  It’s also a fun way of seeing what other bloggers are planning on reading that month.

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WOW! Already at the halfway point of 2018!

I wasn’t able to get to all of the books I wanted to read in June as it was a crazy month.  I did get through quite a few of them and just have to finish writing up their reviews.


Here are the books I’m planning on reading this month…

(If you click on the book image and it will take you to Goodreads description)


An Anonymous Girl

Our House


The Girls at 17 Swann Street

Rust & Stardust


Pieces of Her

The Other Woman

The Cast

The Intermission

Are any of these on your list to read?

I hope everyone has an awesome July

Happy Reading!!!!!





23 thoughts on “Looking Ahead – This Month’s TBR List (July 2018)

  1. I have four of them on my TBR, but not sure if I will get to them this month. Some good choices. I will watch for your reviews. I cannot do a TBR for the month, I do not stick to it.

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  2. I’ve decided not to make a TBR for July since I’m really burnt out after reading 28 books in June and trying to read as many ARCs as I could, whew. Netflix has been my friend on and off the past few days and I rarely watch tv! But thankfully all my July ARCs are read, so I don’t have to worry about them (just have to make myself review them), and I don’t have very many ARCS for August like I did for this month, lol. I’m just going to read as the mood hits for the most part!

    I do have Our House to read though and am glad to hear you’re enjoying it; oh, I have The Other Woman too, I almost forgot! I read Pieces of Her last week, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s definitely not typical Slaughter. It’s good, but I want to hear what you think. Maybe I’m too bloodthirsty, Haha! I cannot wait to read An Anyomous Girl…I think that will be my next most anticipated read but maybe I shouldn’t say that since Pieces of Her didn’t quite work out the way I imagined lol. Enjoy your reads!! 💜💕💜

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    • I think it’s good to take time off now and then. I have also been hooked on Netflix for the last few days. I’ve been reading but definitely, need to catch up on my reviews. I’m reading too many books at once and usually, I’m fine with that but I think I need to cut it down a bit. I am really enjoying An Anonymous Girl so far. I do hope you enjoy Our House!
      I’m sorry that Pieces of Her didn’t work out like you’d hoped. I haven’t gotten very far yet so I’m curious to see how it goes for me.
      I hope you have a great week ahead and a great 4th of July 🙂

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      • It definitely is, especially when you’ve been reading so many books that although you might want to read them they are more “have to” books since they are ARCs. I’ve got 12 books I’ve read but not yet reviewed, and I keep procrastinating. I’ll probably do them last minute, but then I’ll have more books that need reviewing by then! I just need to do it and get it over with, but wow, I hate writing reviews.

        I usually am reading 2-4 at a time and it doesn’t bother me, but I think I just burnt out. I’m still reading, but I don’t want to read anything right now that has to be reviewed…that might be because I’m so behind on my reviews though!

        Oh good to hear about An Anonymous Girl! They are such fantastic authors. I think since The Good Daughter was my favorite book last year, and the Will Trent series is one that I reread for just no reason, that I just imagined Pieces of Her was going to blow me away like The Good Daughter. It’s certainly not a bad book-I gave it 4 stars, but I wouldn’t consider it classic Slaughter style writing at all. It was much less dark and graphic than I’m used to, so maybe that says something about me, haha. I think for people who’ve shied away from her books before because of the graphic violence would be able to read this one. Definitely interested in what you think! Thank you!! Enjoy your week too! Thanks…they’re doing fireworks tonight, so my 8 yr old is very excited! 🙂

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      • I understand. I always feel worse when I am behind on reviews. Maybe you just need this break and you’ll get back into the groove. Read a few books that you don’t have to review and see if that helps….or take a break and don’t read…just watch Netflix 😀
        It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to “Pieces of Her”. I know that I do have a hard time sometimes with the graphic violence. However, the story is always so good that I just try to ignore what I don’t like ….because she sure does tell a good story.
        Enjoy your holiday and I hope the fireworks are awesome!!! ❤


  3. Oh, great reads, Dee! I have a few of these- super excited about An Anonymous Girl and The Girls of Swann Street – doesn’t that last one sound amazing and different?! You are way ahead of me though. I am still in the weeds reading books due in July, so it’ll be a bit before I get to these. Also excited about Rust and Stardust for next month! ♥️ Happy reading!

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  4. Thanks, Jen! I thought I was ahead but I actually mixed up a few days so I’m playing catch-up. I don’t have a lot of books for August which is good so I’ll probably catch up soon. Rust and Stardust is really good I just have to write the review. I really enjoyed it though. Happy reading to you as well my friend.! 💕


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