REVIEW – A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker (Classic Short Story)


A Telephone Call

First published in 1930

I don’t read a lot of short stories but now and then I will come across one that I really enjoy.

In “A Telephone Call” the main character, a young woman is waiting for a call from a young man. He said he would call! From bargaining with God to counting by fives she’s desperately wanting that phone to ring.

“If I didn’t think about it, maybe the telephone might ring.”

I really liked this short story! A reminder of a time where I just wanted that damn phone to ring! For HIM to call.

Why hasn’t he called? He said he would!

My mother would say “Don’t chase him”.

So I waited…and waited. Sitting by the phone. Picking it up to hear the dial tone, to make sure it was working.

FINALLY! It would ring!

But it wasn’t HIM!

It was for my mother or was someone else calling me. I remember my friends and I would get irritated with each other if we happened to call when we were waiting for HIM to call. Nothing like hearing “Oh, it’s just you” from your best friend. But deep down we understood.

Oh, the anxiety! Staying at home! UGH! I remember calling him and asking “Did you call me? My phone was accidentally unplugged.” I don’t ever want to know how many hours I sat and waited. I’m embarrassed now thinking about it….I wonder if he knew.

Then we got CALL DISPLAY. I finally got tired of waiting for him to call and went out. I would get home and see that he actually DID call. In fact, he called quite a few times. I asked him if he called and he said NO. He really wasn’t worth all of that time.

Now we have cell phones! We can go out while waiting for a call!

I thought this short story was really entertaining and oh so relatable.

If you would like to read it click —- here.



7 thoughts on “REVIEW – A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker (Classic Short Story)

  1. I love this post, Dee! You wrote your own short story we can all relate to! Before we had caller id, we had *69 where we could obsess over the last number that called us! Only that last number! And we could press 1 to dial it back in case we didn’t know, but you had to pay for that (and my parents would be mad at me for all of those charges!). 😂 Glad you enjoyed this short story! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww thank you!! ❤️ Looking back I can’t believe how much time I wasted. 18 years old and thought my heart would never mend. Now my daughter is that age! Time really does fly.
    Hope you had a great weekend! Happy reading!


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