The A-Z of Me – Dee’s Rad Reads

I’ve seen these on a few blogs over the last few months most recently on Lynne’s blog Fictionphile and Nicki’s blog Secret Library Book Blog .  I really enjoyed reading about my blogging friends and thought I would give it a try too!

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A = Audiobooks. I’ve really listened to a lot of them this last year!

B= BOOKS!  Need I say more? 🙂

C= CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Where I worked for years before I had to medically retire (years before I wanted).  Crocs – I know many hate them and they sure aren’t pretty, but they are so comfortable!

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D= Dee Dee.   My real name is Deanna but my nickname is Dee Dee or Dee. Dee’s Rad Reads and Reviews – this blog that I started about two years ago.

E= Edamame –   My favorite bean!

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F= Fuzzy Socks – I’m all about comfort.


G= Goodreads – A site I spend a lot of time on.  I joined Goodreads years ago just to keep track of the books I’d read so I wouldn’t keep buying the same book over and over. I started writing small reviews and eventually, I was reviewing every book I read. A great community. Friends from Goodreads encouraged me to start this blog.

H= Home – There’s really no place like it.

I= iPad & iPhone – things I don’t like to be without!

J= Jenn (always two N’s)  – My best friend. Someone who has been there for me through thick and thin. It’s also for Jodi Picoult – One of my favorite authors.

K= Karissa.  My lovely 19-year-old daughter.  Kristin Hannah – Another one of my favorite authors.

L= Lymphedema – a condition I have in my legs. It is a swelling that occurs when lymph fluid can’t flow normally and builds up in the soft tissues of a limb. It usually occurs in parts of the body where lymph nodes have been removed or damaged by cancer treatment or surgery.

M= Mother, Mom, Mommy – the best names I have been called ❤

N= Netflix – This past year I have become addicted to Netflix. I love that so many books have been turned into movies or mini-series.

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O= Organized – I like everything in its place. However, I do have books that still need to be organized.

P= Patricia – My mother has been one of my greatest supporters and I really don’t know what I would do without her.   Popcorn – my favorite snack. I honestly can’t get enough!

Q= Queen – one of my favorite bands!

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R= Reading – of course!  Rick – A terrific stepfather and Papa ❤

S= Sushi – I love it!!

T= Tea – A cup of tea goes perfectly with a good book.

U= Uggs – I have many pairs of Ugg boots & slippers. I don’t buy them for style or brand though, purely for comfort.

V= Veronica Mars –  One of my favorite TV series! And my fellow Marshmallows, She’s back! Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell, returns to life with a new eight-part miniseries on July 26, 2019 “Spring break in Neptune.”

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W= Winnipeg – The city where I was born and raised.

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X= Xanadu – the song by Olivia Newton-John

Y= YouTube – a place I spend more time than I should. I will go there looking for something and suddenly realize three hours have passed.

Z= Zen – I’m trying to be more Zen.

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Well, that was fun!  I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers “about me” posts and look forward to reading more.


Happy reading everyone!!






24 thoughts on “The A-Z of Me – Dee’s Rad Reads

  1. Addicted to Netflix I’m guilty! Kristin Hannah is and has been one of my #1 favorite authors for years! I could go on and on. I The Great Alone I just joined BOTM a couple months ago to buy it as an add on for 9.99 what a steal and I’m currently re-reading it! This was a fun blog I really enjoyed it and learning more about you! Have a great day or night and look forward to more blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post Dee. I love learning more about the bloggers I follow. I had no idea you were a fellow Canuck. My son and DIL lived in Winnipeg for a couple of years but are back home now in Windsor, Ontario.

    Liked by 1 person

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