Music Monday – Talk to Me by Stevie Nicks


Music Monday is a meme that was created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek.  You pick a song and/or video that you like and share it on Monday.

With social/physical distancing right now, you can’t touch me but you can…

Talk to Me

by Stevie Nicks




Talk To Me by Stevie Nicks
I can see we’re thinkin’ bout the same things
And I can see your expression when the phone rings
We both know there’s something happening here
Well, there’s no sense in dancing round the subject
A wound gets worse when it’s treated with neglect
Don’t turn around ,there’s nothing here to fear
You can talk to me
Talk to me
You can talk to me
You can set your secrets free, baby
Dusty words lying under carpets
Seldom heard well must you keep your secrets
Locked inside hidden safe from view
Well, is it all that hard
Is it all that tough
Well, I’ve shown you all my cards now isn’t that enough
You can hide your hurt
But, there’s something you can do
You can talk to me
Talk to me, talk to me
I can set your secrets free, baby
La, la, la, la
Though we lay face to face and cheek to cheek
Our voices stray from the common ground where they could meet
The walls run high, to veil a swelling tear
Oh, let the walls burn down, set your secrets free
You can break their bounds, cause you’re safe with me
You can lose your doubt, cause you’ll find no danger not here
You can talk to me
Talk to me
You can talk to me
You can set your secrets free, baby
Oh, I can see you running, I can see you running
I can see you running all the way back home
I can see your expression when the phone rings
And I can see your thinkin’ bout the same things
Is it all that hard
Is it all that tough
Well, you’ve taken all there is now baby
Isn’t that enough
Well, I can see you runnin’, i can see you runnin’
All the way back
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Chas Sandford
Talk To Me lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc
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REVIEW – Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

Darling Rose Gold

Expected publication: March 17th 2020 by Berkley


A plucked from the headlines gripping read!                                       

The story opens as Patty Watts aka “Poisonous Patty” is being released from prison after serving five years for aggravated child abuse. Patty has always maintained that she is innocent.  She doesn’t blame Rose Gold even though her daughter testified against her. Instead, she blames the prosecutor, the jury, and the reporters who just wanted their story.

If she did all of those terrible things to her daughter why would Rose Gold offer to pick her up today?

Patty waits outside the prison for Rose Gold who is late picking her up. Eventually, Patty sees her old maroon van headed towards her.  She is excited to see her now twenty-three-year-old daughter. She is also excited about seeing the other passenger in the van.

Patty needs to find someplace to live and also needs to find a job. She hopes that Rose Gold will offer to let her stay with her. Rose Gold tells Patty that she’s recently bought a house and that her mother is welcome to stay. Patty is surprised and has trouble hiding her shock when she sees where they’ll be living.

Patty wants things to return to the way they used to be, but Rose Gold has other ideas.

Have they really forgiven each other? Who is telling the truth now?


I was so excited to read this novel! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Although the story has some similarities to a true-life story, it is still very different. Even though I knew the story it was partially based on, I still really enjoyed this novel.

The story is told from both Patty and Rose Gold’s point of view alternating back and forth between past and present.  We learn what happened in the years they lived together prior to Patty going to jail, what happened during the years they were apart, Patty’s past and childhood, and their time together once Patty is released.

I thought this was an entertaining and easy read although it does deal with some very disturbing topics. Some parts of the novel may be unbelievable but many things about the true story were hard to believe as well.

I flew through this novel taking very few breaks. I really didn’t like having to put it down. It may not be for everyone, but I thought it was a great read!!

I look forward to reading more from Stephanie Wrobel.



I’d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.



REVIEW – The Accusation by Wendy James

The Accusation

Published May 20th 2019 by HarperCollins 


A complex and tension-filled story that kept me guessing!

This was my second audiobook by Wendy James.  I started it right after I finished listening to one of her other books, “The Golden Child”. I enjoyed that novel and thought this one sounded interesting too.

An eighteen-year-old girl accuses a local teacher and her mother of keeping her confined in their basement. Apparently, she was kept restrained and medicated. Eventually, she was able to escape.

Suzannah Wells is adamant that she and her mother, Mary have done nothing wrong. She claims they have even never met, Ellie Canning. However, there’s a tremendous amount of evidence that seems to support the young girl’s story. With her confident and qualified agent by her side, Ellie Canning quickly becomes a media star.

Did Suzannah and her mother really keep Ellie captive?  And if so why?

Someone is lying. But who?

I really enjoyed this audiobook.

The storyline was intriguing and though it deals with some very emotional issues, there were quite a few light-hearted moments as well. Suzannah’s mother, Mary was definitely one of my favorite characters. The interactions between Mary and others often had me in stitches.

I thought the story flowed well and was easy to follow. There were some great twists and the main one caught me completely by surprise.

I don’t think it will be long before I pick up another book by Wendy James.

Goodreads Monday – March 9, 2020

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners . To take part, simply choose a random book from your TBR and show it off.  Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog too!!

Today the book I’m going to show off is :


Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton

Three Hours

Published January 6th 2020 by Penguin



Goodreads Description:

The extraordinary new novel everyone is talking about from the Sunday Times best-selling author of Sister

Three hours is 180 minutes or 10,800 seconds.

It is a morning’s lessons, a dress rehearsal of Macbeth, a snowy trek through the woods.

It is an eternity waiting for news. Or a countdown to something terrible.

It is 180 minutes to discover who you will die for and what men will kill for.

In rural Somerset in the middle of a blizzard, the unthinkable happens: a school is under siege. Told from the point of view of the people at the heart of it, from the wounded headmaster in the library, unable to help his trapped pupils and staff, to teenage Hannah in love for the first time, to the parents gathering desperate for news, to the 16 year old Syrian refugee trying to rescue his little brother, to the police psychologist who must identify the gunmen, to the students taking refuge in the school theater, all experience the most intense hours of their lives, where evil and terror are met by courage, love and redemption.


My Thoughts:

I’ve enjoyed this author’s previous novels and have been looking forward to reading this for quite some time. I’ve only read a few pages of this book so far and I’m already gripped.  I can tell it’s going to be an emotional read. I can’t wait to read more!


Have you read this novel yet? Do you plan on reading it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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