REVIEW – The Accusation by Wendy James

The Accusation

Published May 20th 2019 by HarperCollins 


A complex and tension-filled story that kept me guessing!

This was my second audiobook by Wendy James.  I started it right after I finished listening to one of her other books, “The Golden Child”. I enjoyed that novel and thought this one sounded interesting too.

An eighteen-year-old girl accuses a local teacher and her mother of keeping her confined in their basement. Apparently, she was kept restrained and medicated. Eventually, she was able to escape.

Suzannah Wells is adamant that she and her mother, Mary have done nothing wrong. She claims they have even never met, Ellie Canning. However, there’s a tremendous amount of evidence that seems to support the young girl’s story. With her confident and qualified agent by her side, Ellie Canning quickly becomes a media star.

Did Suzannah and her mother really keep Ellie captive?  And if so why?

Someone is lying. But who?

I really enjoyed this audiobook.

The storyline was intriguing and though it deals with some very emotional issues, there were quite a few light-hearted moments as well. Suzannah’s mother, Mary was definitely one of my favorite characters. The interactions between Mary and others often had me in stitches.

I thought the story flowed well and was easy to follow. There were some great twists and the main one caught me completely by surprise.

I don’t think it will be long before I pick up another book by Wendy James.

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