REVIEW – Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age

Published December 31st 2019 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons


An unforgettable story!!!!

Twenty-five-year old, Emira Tucker is out with friends when her boss calls to ask if she would be able to babysit for a couple of hours. Emira regularly babysits for Mrs. Chamberlain (Alix) but it is already after ten on a Saturday night. However, there has been an incident at the Chamberlain home and Mrs. Chamberlain thinks it would be better if two-year-old, Briar is out of the house while they deal with everything.  Emira explains that she isn’t exactly dressed for babysitting and that she’s had a couple of drinks. Mrs. Chamberlain says that’s fine and offers to pay Emira double her regular rate. Emira needs the money so she agrees. Her friend Zara decides to go with her so the three of them head to Market Depot so Briar can look at the nuts and smell the tea (yes that’s right).

They are all having a great time in the store.“Emira was being paid thirty-two dollars an hour to dance in a grocery store with her best friend and favorite little human.” Unfortunately, their good time comes to a screeching halt when Emira is approached by a security guard who asks if Briar is Emira’s child. Suffice to say the conversation doesn’t go well and the situation starts to escalate. “Mr. Chamberlain? Can you please come to Market Depot? Because they think I stole Briar” Another shopper manages to get the episode on video.

Life changes after the night at Market Depot. Emira isn’t sure what to do or how to feel. Alix is also upset by what happened and wishes she could make things right. Emira and Alix have more in common than they realize and after a very memorable Thanksgiving dinner, things come to a head.

Then a video of the incident at Market depot goes viral.

This was an addictive and entertaining read!

I listened to part of this book and read the other part.  Both were great but I LOVED the narration of the audiobook.

I enjoyed the relationships in this novel, especially the relationship between Emira and Briar. I also liked how Emira and Alix both had such a great group of friends.

Briar really is the coolest kid ever. “Briar was constantly asking, singing, rambling, humming, explaining that she liked hot dogs, that she once saw a turtle, that she wanted a high five, that she was not tired at all.”  I could hear that raspy chatty voice even when I wasn’t listening to the audiobook. Briar is a star but the other children in the book are also entertaining. “Mommy, a penis is private. Mommy, you can’t play tag with a penis. Mommy, I have a penis and our dog has a penis and you lost yours so you need to be more careful.” Parts like that had me laughing out loud.

I loved the flow of the story and really liked hearing from both main characters. I thought I had things all figured out, but as the story went on there were some shocking revelations.

I think this would be a great choice for group reads. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing this on the big and/or small screen at some point.

A terrific coming of age story that gives an unflinching look at race and privilege.


Highly recommended!!


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