REVIEW – Something She’s Not Telling Us by Darcey Bell

Something She's Not Telling Us

Published April 7th 2020 by Harper


Charlotte knows she has a good life but often finds herself overcome with worry especially where her five-year-old daughter, Daisy is concerned. Charlotte is currently working with a psychiatrist who is trying to help her deal with her anxiety and her past. Charlotte knows she can’t predict the future or change the past but if she could there’s one thing she would definitely change.

Charlotte, her husband, and Daisy returned home from Mexico the night before.   Charlotte receives a text from her brother, Rocco telling her he’s home now too. They were originally supposed to be on the same flight as Rocco and his girlfriend; Ruth, but when they were about to board, Ruth couldn’t find her passport. They’d had to stay behind to sort it out.

Charlotte owns a floral-arrangement business and has an important meeting at nine am. The meeting is then postponed to four o’clock. Unfortunately, the time change means she’ll be late picking Daisy up after school. She tries but has no luck finding someone else to pick Daisy up. Charlotte attends her meeting and rushes to Daisy’s school.

Charlotte FINALLY gets to the school. Instantly she can tell something isn’t right. The teachers look confused. Charlotte asks what’s going on. “I guess there’s been a little mix-up. She’s already been picked up”. They tell Charlotte that Daisy’s aunt picked her up and that there was a man with her. But Daisy doesn’t have an aunt.

It’s now 5:30 pm.  Daisy has been gone two and a half hours.

Charlotte is frantic. She worries that Daisy might not have her inhaler with her. What if she gets sick?

Where is Daisy?

Sooo many secrets!!!!

The majority of this story is told from the two main characters’ points of view, switching back and forth between past and present. I liked the multiple perspectives at first. However, after a while it became a little repetitive. Hearing the same part of the story from two (sometimes three) characters was a bit much at times.

I can see why this book has a lot of mixed reviews. The story was over the top.  Although it wasn’t quite what I expected, this was a quick and entertaining read that passed some time. I’m curious to see what Darcey Bell comes up with next.

I’d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.

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