REVIEW – The Closer You Get by Mary Torjussen

The Closer You Get

Published April 21st 2020 by Berkley Books


Thirty-six-year-old, Ruby is waiting for her husband, Tom to come home from work. She has something important to tell him and she’s not sure how he’s going to take it. She knows that once she has said what she needs to say, there’s no going back.

Finally, Tom arrives home and Ruby has the conversation she’s been dreading. It actually goes much better than she expected. She feels as though a huge weight has been taken off of her shoulders. For a moment, she wonders if it might have gone too well, but she pushes that thought aside.

Now she waits for someone else. But it seems like this part isn’t going according to plan

On Monday, Ruby goes to work where she’s hit with another surprise. A woman from human resources meets her at security and tells her that her contract has been terminated. Ruby has been with the company for less than two years so they aren’t obligated to tell her why she’s been let go. She’ll soon find out.

Now she wonders if she’s made the biggest mistake of her life.

But it seems like someone doesn’t think Ruby’s been through enough. She starts receiving threatening messages and prank calls. She even wonders if someone has been inside her home. Now Ruby is going to have to do something she’s rarely done before. She’s going to have to stand up for herself.

Ruby has decided that she won’t go down without a fight. But first, she’ll have to figure out who she’s fighting against.

An excellent read!

I thought this was a very enjoyable psychological suspense novel. A well-crafted story with well-developed and relatable characters. Although I may not have agreed with all of their decisions, I still felt for Ruby and Emma and enjoyed reading both their perspectives.

The story deals with some very important issues and I thought the author handled these issues well. Though it was a little predictable at times, there were still some very good twists and turns. I was engaged from the start until the very satisfying finish.


I’d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.

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