BOOK REVIEW – Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl

Published May 19, 2020 by Lake Union Publishing


An insightful, moving, and thought-provoking read.

I loved it!

39-year-old, Brooke Hollister is finding it hard living with her mother again. However, since her divorce, money has been tight leaving her with very few options. Brooke is tired after work, but she doesn’t want to hear her mother harp at her all night so she decides to take her two-year-old daughter, Etta to the movies. They are on their way home after the movie, stopped at a red light when it happens.

“A whole life changed in six or seven seconds.”

Brooke sees the shadow of someone’s arm just before her window shatters. The person pulls Brooke out of the car, jumps in, and drives away.  Brooke is in shock and it takes a moment for her to realize…

She jumps up and runs after the Mercedes screaming her daughter’s name.

Sixteen-year-old, Molly spent the day collecting bottles and cans. All she has to show for her hard work is $1.42. She’s walking to the place she’ll sleep that night when she sees a child’s car seat on the sidewalk. It’s not empty. A little girl with puffy eyes quietly stares at Molly. When Molly asks where her mommy is, the little girl looks like she’s going to start crying. Molly tells her that they’ll find her mommy. However,  there are no payphones around to call the police, and it’s getting late. They head to the wooden shipping crate where Molly and her friend, Bodhi hide at night. A while later, Bodhi shows up and Molly tells him that he needs to find a phone to tell the police about the little girl. Half an hour later Bodhi comes back. He tells Molly that they need to move…now. Some guys overheard Bodhi talking about the little girl. These guys are very bad news. Molly is terrified. They find a place to hide and Bodhi leaves again to see if he can find help. He says he’ll be right back…

Time passes and Bodhi doesn’t return. Molly doesn’t know what to do. However, there’s one thing she knows for sure… She will do whatever she needs to do to protect this little girl.

Will Molly be able to keep the little girl safe until she finds help?

What an INCREDIBLE read! Once again I have fallen in love with Catherine Ryan Hyde’s wonderful story and amazing characters!

I love the way Catherine Ryan Hyde writes. I often feel like I’m right in the room with her characters, many that I can’t help but fall in love with almost instantly.

This was a heartfelt story that packed an emotional punch. I think it would be a great buddy or book club read. It deals with many important and relevant issues.

Definitely one of my favorite novels this year!!


I’d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.


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