Music Monday – Cover Me In Sunshine by P!nk & Willow Sage Hart


Music Monday is a meme that was created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song and/or video and share it on Monday.

Today I am sharing:

Cover Me In Sunshine by P!nk & Willow Sage Hart

My daughter and I both love this song that P!nk and her daughter, Willow recorded together. It’s a sweet song and video. Hope you all enjoy it too!

Have a great week!!

Cover Me In Sunshine

I’ve been dreaming of friendly faces
I’ve got so much time to kill
Just imagine people laughing
I know some day we will
And even if it’s far away
Get me through another day

Cover me in sunshine
Shower me with good times
Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
And everything will be alright
Cover me in sunshine

From a distance all these mountains
Are just some tiny hills
Wildflowers, they keep living
While they’re just standing still
I’ve been missing yesterday
But what if there’s a better place?

Cover me in sunshine
Shower me with good times
Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
And everything will be alright

Cover me in sunshine
Shower me with good times
Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
And everything will be alright
Cover me in sunshine

Cover me in sunshine
Shower me with good times
Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
And everything will be alright

Cover me in sunshine

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Maureen Mcdonald / Amy Allen

Cover Me In Sunshine lyrics © Emi April Music Inc., Artist Publishing Group West, Kenny + Betty Tunes, Superreal Songs, Mozie On Down

BOOK REVIEW – The Sunday Girl by Pip Drysdale

The Sunday Girl

Published August 23, 2018 by Simon Schuster


“Some love affairs change you forever”

Someone comes into your life, like “the wind working on a rooftop weather vane.  And when they leave, as the wind always does, you are different; you have a new direction. And it’s not always north.”

Taylor Bishop knows why she did what she did…”love – broken love – made me do it”

She tells us the how is more complicated. And the when?  Well she can tell us that exactly…

“it started four days, eighteen hours and twenty-three minutes after the strongest gust of wind I’d ever known decided to leave me”. That gust of wind was Angus Hollingsworth.

The book opens as Taylor, after a night of drinking, is using Google to search for ways to ruin a man.

What do they always say about a woman scorned?

We learn about Taylor’s relationship with Angus through memories she shares. He called her his “Sunday Girl”.

In the beginning:

“With Angus life was like a movie: a dozen red roses at work for no reason, phone calls from the restaurant bathroom in the middle of a business lunch just to say that he missed me, long baths together chatting about nonsense.”

But after a few months…things start to change. When Angus was happy he was wonderful, but when he wasn’t happy?

But something made her stay. However, everybody has a limit.

Taylor might have been able to move on and get over it. But then she receives an email with an attachment. When she opens it, she’s BEYOND shocked by what she sees…and it changes EVERYTHING. Then a friend gives her a copy of The Art of War”

“That’s when I had the idea that would change the course of my life forever.”


A gripping and exciting read!

At the beginning of each chapter is a quote from  “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu which I found really interesting.

In my opinion, this really was a fantastic read. I may have had to let go and not worry if everything was believable or plausible, but it was worth it.

“The Sunday Girl” was an escape from everyday life that I really enjoyed.

A fantastic debut novel about love, anger, and revenge!


Throwback Thursday – The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah


Throwback Thursday is a meme created by Renee at It’s Book Talk to share old favorite books rather than just the new shiny ones. This is a great idea to bring back to life some much-loved books. Please feel free to join in.

My choice for this week is: 

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone

Published February 6th 2018 by St. Martin’s Press

Goodreads Description:

Alaska, 1974.
Unpredictable. Unforgiving. Untamed.
For a family in crisis, the ultimate test of survival.

Ernt Allbright, a former POW, comes home from the Vietnam war a changed and volatile man. When he loses yet another job, he makes an impulsive decision: he will move his family north, to Alaska, where they will live off the grid in America’s last true frontier.

Thirteen-year-old Leni, a girl coming of age in a tumultuous time, caught in the riptide of her parents’ passionate, stormy relationship, dares to hope that a new land will lead to a better future for her family. She is desperate for a place to belong. Her mother, Cora, will do anything and go anywhere for the man she loves, even if it means following him into the unknown.

At first, Alaska seems to be the answer to their prayers. In a wild, remote corner of the state, they find a fiercely independent community of strong men and even stronger women. The long, sunlit days and the generosity of the locals make up for the Allbrights’ lack of preparation and dwindling resources.

But as winter approaches and darkness descends on Alaska, Ernt’s fragile mental state deteriorates and the family begins to fracture. Soon the perils outside pale in comparison to threats from within. In their small cabin, covered in snow, blanketed in eighteen hours of night, Leni and her mother learn the terrible truth: they are on their own. In the wild, there is no one to save them but themselves.

In this unforgettable portrait of human frailty and resilience, Kristin Hannah reveals the indomitable character of the modern American pioneer and the spirit of a vanishing Alaska―a place of incomparable beauty and danger. The Great Alone is a daring, beautiful, stay-up-all-night story about love and loss, the fight for survival, and the wildness that lives in both man and nature.

My Thoughts:

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been over three years since this was released. I remember so much about that it feels like I just read it yesterday. Kristin Hannah is absolutely one of my favorite authors and this book and The Nightingale are two of my very favorite books.

The following is from my original review:

This was an entertaining and emotional read with an engrossing plot and well-developed characters. I could almost feel the bitter cold from the long isolating winters, but I could also see the beauty of Alaska with its gorgeous mountains and blue skies.

“Alaska herself can be Sleeping Beauty one minute and a bitch with a sawed-off shotgun the next”

Hope, love, and memory can keep you stuck. The 1970’s, a time when a woman still needed a man’s signature to get a credit card. The lack of understanding and assistance available. They called it “Gross Stress Reaction” or “ Battle Fatigue” back then… the horrible flashbacks and nightmares, the anxiety and anger, the inability to cope with regular life. Now it’s called PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSI – post-traumatic stress injury . Soldiers, who gave everything to the war, then came back to a world that many of them couldn’t function in, a world that didn’t know how to help them heal.

I need this, Cora. I need a place where I can breathe again. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. Up there, the flashbacks and shit will stop, I know it. We need this. We can go back to the way things were before ‘Nam screwed me up.”

“The Great Alone” does not disappoint. This was another fascinating, thought-provoking, and captivating read. Heartbreaking at times… but there were also moments of great love and unbelievable kindness. A gripping story where I was desperate to know what was going to happen next. A bittersweet but satisfying ending topped off this amazing read.

Have you read this?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!