BOOK REVIEW – The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding

Expected publication: August 10th 2021 by Gallery Books

I’ve really enjoyed Robyn Harding’s previous novels and was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this novel too.

Happily married for twenty-two years, Thomas and Viv Adler. appear to have it all. They are attractive and successful. They have a beautiful home. To top it all off, they have well adjusted and wonderful children. Their loving family is happy and healthy.

At least that’s how it appears to be.

But the family isn’t so perfect. Apparently, the Adler’s have done some very bad things. They are all keeping secrets. Even from each other.

Other people don’t know the things the Adler’s have done and the secrets they are keeping. At least not yet.

The pranks start out relatively benign. Annoying but harmless. Eggs on their porch etc. Random attacks that they don’t take personally. But the pranks quickly escalate, becoming more aggressive and violent. The Adler’s wonder if they are being targeted. When they try to get the police involved, it isn’t taken seriously. They are told it’s probably just local kids.

Now someone is happily watching this “perfect” family falling apart. Someone who thinks the world would be a much better place WITHOUT them.
Who is doing these things? Why?

The family is afraid and their fear grows with each attack. And if their secrets become public…it might destroy them all.

Appearances can REALLY be deceiving!!

A thought-provoking and entertaining read!!

I love how Robyn Harding tells a story. Everything was revealed in a way that held my attention and had me saying just one more chapter again and again. While I may not have loved all the characters, they were well-written and I was invested in seeing how things would turn out for them all.

Another very satisfying psychological suspense novel by Robyn Harding!!

I’d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.