Review/Unboxing – Once Upon a Book Club (July box)

I am thrilled to be reviewing Once Upon a Book Club’s July adult box!

I have not yet subscribed to a subscription box so when the opportunity to review this box came up I was pretty excited.

Adding a different element to reading!

Readers have a choice of Adult or Young Adult Book Club Boxes. Each box includes 1 novel (either paperback or hardback), a quote art print, and 3 – 5 items that correspond with a quote or item mentioned in the book. Each item included is wrapped and labeled with a different page number to let the reader know that they shouldn’t open up the item until they reach that specific page.

I loved the entire presentation. The purple box that contained everything had a great design. The individual gifts were lovely and all were wrapped with care.


The Goodies!!! For the full experience it is recommended that the reader doesn’t open any of the gifts until they have reached the page number that corresponds with the number on each gift!

FullSizeRender (2)

Book Club discussion questions and dates and a 5″ by 7″ quote print

Each box has discussion questions and beside each question is a date. Members can log onto the Once Upon a Book Club Instagram page and have discussions with other members of the Book Club community.


And the book…….


The Saturday Evening Girls Club by Jane Healey (book reviewed in previous post)

A wonderful story of a beautiful bond between four immigrant women in the 1920s.



Gifts one and two:

a 1900’s style yellow turban hat that Caprice wore – So Cute! My daughter looked so pretty in it!

Wooden spoon with etched with “The Saturday Evening Girls Club” – I could use this but I kind of want to save it.



Gifts three and four:

Beautiful message inside an envelope with a butterfly.

A lovely and unique, three-tier wind-chime.



And last but certainly not least….

Gift five:

A pretty yellow with white polka dots tote bag similar to what the character Maria carried. (My daughter seems to have snagged this already).



I really enjoyed reading “The Saturday Night Girls Club“. The experience of reading and opening my gifts was a lot of fun!  Although I was tempted to open all of the gifts at once, I really do think that waiting until I got to the corresponding page made this so much more exciting. Before I would open my gift I would scan the page to see if I could guess what my gift was going to be. The gifts were well made with good quality.

Once Upon A Book Club has come up with a very unique and special way to read a book! I know quite a few people who would love to receive a subscription or one of these boxes as a gift.

Boxes can be purchased on a month to month basis or a three, six , or twelve month subscription.

For more information or to subscribe click here.

Be sure to check out Once Upon a Book Club’s instagram and facebook page too!


11 thoughts on “Review/Unboxing – Once Upon a Book Club (July box)

  1. I think this is a really cool and original box! So great to spread out the opening of gifts over the novel.. some readers might find it difficult not to open them in advance but I wouldn’t have a problem with that (I think). Unfortunately the genre (historical fiction) isn’t really what I like to read… Hopefully they’ll come with different boxes soon!

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  2. I love the concept of this box, I think it’s so unique and makes the reading experience so much better. The one thing that made me not purchase it is the fact that I’m just never really interested in the book picks. I would love for them to expand and do more genres, that would be great


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